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(An Initiative of BMC Advisors)

Pramanit Foundation is a group of professionals working together for the betterment of the society at large especially for Children and Women. Our focus is to provide education along with the basic requirements of life such as food, clothing, shelter and health to the needy Children and Women.

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Pramanit Foundation, an initiative of BMC Advisors, aims to bring pride and dignity for the women and girl child of our country. Pramanit is a programme designed to enable women to realize their full potential in every sphere of life be it home, office or community. This programme helps in enhancing the skills and information relevant to make them realize their self-esteem and pride. Again, Pramanit Foundation encourages women to defend themselves and escape from violence and advocates men to be a part of bringing due dignity for the women and girl child of this country.

Pramanit Foundation is working for the betterment of the children in India in terms of conducting the health and nutrition programmes aimed towards providing crucial pre and post birth care including counseling sessions for expecting mothers, running health camps and providing medicines and vaccinations for those who need them the most. Further, we work towards the development of slum areas by providing the hygiene care teaching to the children and adults staying there so that the children can be protected from various water born diseases.


There are huge number of cases where men, women and children are sold for sex and labour. It happens not only in India but globally in major urban and sub-urban areas. We at Pramanit make all efforts to curb these kind of activities and bring freedom for all the citizens of India. Further, we design the programmes for the people living in these kind of situations whereby they become aware of their rights and privileges which always help them to know how they can make their life secured and live happily.

Pramanit Foundation is an NGO providing services of health and education for the poor and needy in India. The major activities of Pramanit includes conducting classes for the under-privileged children in their locality, conducting health checkup camps in their areas, development of slum areas to make them hygienic for living, setting up of blood donation camps so that the blood can be provided to the needy, as and when required. We at Pramanit are fully focused of having a society where the children and women are healthy and educated.

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